Styled Shoots - It's a Thing

Who knew styled shoots were a thing? I certainly didn't. I thought, "What a great way to showcase my work and strengthen my portfolio! What an original idea!" I mean, I am new to the scene.

With the help of several AMAZING vendors, friends and family I was able to complete three distinct styled shoots. All have been submitted for publication (fingers crossed). What an experience! With my florist unavailable, last minute invitation designs needed and knowing that I had several people graciously involved, I really wanted to pull-through on the obstacles and see everyone's work alongside mine come to life. Floral design was now a task of mine and as much as I love to complete arrangements, that is still a new area I'm exploring. So, with a "believe you can do this" mentality and the support of everyone knowing that I could, I was truly in love and amazed by my arrangements. My only regret is that I didn't make the bouquets larger. Like Sarah Winward, who is also self-taught, you learn by trial-and-error. Next up were the invitations and I whipped them up with a little creativty just in time. The design and decor pulled together wonderfully resulting in beautifully executed styled shoots. I'm still beaming. 

As I was invited to join various groups on Facebook ranging from Tuesdays Together to Event Pod I noticed something. MANY professionals in the business were on the hunt for others to help donate or provide services for styled shoots. I couldn't believe it! Styled shoots was not an original idea or a launching idea for newbies to the industry, but it was a thing! And everyone - wedding planners, wedding designers, florists, photographers, venues, you name it were all vying for assistance. Beautiful inspiration boards continue to adorn the Facebook pages and Instagram only a daily basis. I could not believe it. 

Styled shoots are a thing and I'm proud I planned like the pro's. Now, I'm planning to assist others to spread the generosity that was bestowed me. ;-)