From Concept to Creation

Hmmmm.... Well, with the help of Christy Wright's Business Boutique Book, I discovered that to make a dream come true, you first must have a dream. What is a dream? Well a dream can manifest during sleep. In sleep, it is simply a series of visions, images or a nonsensical story-line that mashes together real-life experiences, our favorite television shows and a random firing of neurons. A dream can also be in waking life and consist of visions, life experiences and passions that spark an idea or concept which leads one to ponder "What if?" 

Where are you headed with this babble? My point exactly. 

For as long as I can remember, I've received an abundance of joy from a unique spin on generosity. I've never been wealthy so no, I do not mean generosity in the traditional sense. God revealed that I had a heart for wanting others to feel valued, appreciated, exceptional and loved. My blessing from God was to give generously through my time, my service, my words, and my creativity. How would I employ this desire? God has and continues to organically show me the way. 

In college, I began to plan my Christmas gifts around themes. At first, this was to help me stay within my minimal budget but later proved to be a way to truly show my love for the gift recipient. I hadn't run out and purchased the latest and greatest item. I hadn't run out and picked a last minute gift. I thoughtfully pieced together the concept and then created the gift. Friends and family began to look forward to the theme and the deeper meaning rooted in the gifts. Watching each person feel uniquely special warmed my heart. 

In my twenties, with my parents in the ministry and therefore not always able to host the family for the holidays, it soon became my responsibility. Decking my house with white lights and creating seasonal décor that was both lavish and affordable once landed me a, "Wow, your home looks like a picture out of Southern Living Magazine". I could not have been more touched. The magazine is known for its decorative yet cozy and inviting flair. Meals always had to be everyone's favorite dishes. On occasion, I'd introduce a new dish (since I'm kind of a foodie) and be thrilled to see that my family loved it and felt like royalty for a few days. As we departed, I was given a warm hug and sentimental gratitude for making everyone's Christmas so special. I couldn't wait to plan the theme for the next year. 

I couldn't stop there. My favorite holiday having always been Halloween. I shouldn't be exempt from dressing up in costume or having treats (and I am not the only adult who feels this way) but Trick or Treating as an adult is a little creepy. Too creepy even for Halloween. It was time to entertain on a grander scale. To demonstrate that my Halloween parties would not be standard or sub-par, my invitations were elegantly crafted (often recruiting a graphic designer) and worded to set the tone for the year's theme. 50-70 of my closest friends were invited and no, not everyone could just come in any old costume. Specific instructions for proper attire were provided and well worth it as my parties were deemed "epic". Stimulating all the senses, my parties included a home wondrously transformed into another time and place, deliciously catered food, an open bar with a signature drink and music strategically selected to set the tone. My only concern for the evening? That those in my life felt incredible for one eerie fall night year after year. 

I've been blessed to have the opportunity to conceptualize and create the design for a few weddings. I've been blessed to step in to help execute and coordinate the wedding for one scattered bride who needed a glass of wine and a few extra hands just weeks before her big day. I've helped establish themes for birthday parties and showers all so that someone could know in his or her heart that THAT day was all about them. As I want more of Christ and less of me, I want more for them and less of me. I love to work behind the scenes to cover every detail of an event so that it sets the scenes for the stars of the show; my friends, my family and now, my clients.

Though I do it all for the mere enjoyment of bringing a smile and since of importance to those I love, friends and family encourage me to pursue event planning and design on a professional level. They had seen me start with event concepts and move to fun creations numerous times. After years of loved ones seemingly "babbling" about what I could do, I now understand where they were headed. They had provided the concept and now anxiously await my creation. I mean, what if?"

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Psalm 37:23