Make Way for Ducklings...

While my goal is to do weddings, luxury dinner and holiday parties and larger events, I did enjoy helping put together a beautiful concept for a neighborhood baby shower. A lover of books and in need of diapers for a baby on the way, the mother-to-be's interest made for an exciting concept. "Make Way for Ducklings" based on the bestselling book by Robert McCloskey quickly became the theme and was definitely a surprise to the guest of honor. It was also particularly warming to the grandmother who was a school teacher and read the book to her daughter as a child. 

Using bright yellow, hunter green and bronze inspired by the legendary book's cover and the ducklings statue located in Boston, I set out to create an event that differed from any other baby shower I'd attended. The colors, paired with vintage book pages, antique bicycles and one 1920's Chrysler model car, was so much fun to plan and see come to light. Adding one or two ideas from Pinterest (yes, cliché, but too cute not to include) and a few tulips in single stem vases tied the idea together. As I walked away from a set-up for a baby shower in which I still hadn't met the mother-to-be, I hoped for one thing. That this soon to be mommy felt her shower was special and personal. That it incorporated the memories from one generation of a mommy to her little girl that could be passed on from that little girl to her baby boy.

What I loved most about the theme of the event more so than its uniqueness had to be the analogy between the story and life. In the book, the mother duck guides her ducklings along a journey in which they encounter many dangers (oncoming cars, bicycles, etc.).  The little ducklings must overcome these obstacles with the guidance provided by their mother. Life for this little baby will be no different. His mother will provide guidance as he grows, raising him in Christ, to be best equipped to navigate the challenges he will face. He will learn to ride bicycles. He will learn to drive cars. He will experience his own journey and will hopefully develop the compassion to be mindful of others (perhaps even ducklings crossing the road).

Please make way for this new little duckling.

Amber O'Dwyer