About this time last year, a mother was preparing for her daughter's intimate bridal shower with a few family and friends. It didn't take long for me to help her with the theme. "Fireflies", she said.

If I can remember the story correctly, it was something like this... 

When the bride was very little and asleep one night, her mother stepped out into the backyard to check on her sons who hadn't come in from being out that night. The sun had set as the mother stepped out and let her eyes adjust to the dark. Suddenly she noticed a remarkable scene. Hundreds of fireflies lit up the night sky. As if something from a fairy tale. Quickly, she rushed in to wake her sleeping daughter. The two took in the breathtaking and magical moment together. 

Years after that special night, it was time for the daughter to embark on her own fairy tale. She had met her prince and was ready to commit to happily ever after. In planning the bridal shower, what better way to honor fairy tales but with fireflies. From the invitations to the eucalyptus intertwined with string lights, to the lavender flowers and pearls, we lit up the night for the bride-to-be. A night of fairy tales and fireflies.