Every event is intended to celebrate an intimate moment. Inviting someone to help create and conserve this level of intimacy requires trust and a good match for both the client and the planner or designer. Learn more about Amber to see if you feel she’s your perfect pairing.





planning & coordinating

For twelve years, I have worked for the City of Alpharetta, GA. Eight of those years I have served as the executive assistant dedicated to jointly aiding the Mayor and City Administrator and the entire Department of Administration. As you can imagine, the role calls for multi-tasking, handling numerous details, juggling over-booked calendars, and stepping in to make the impossible possible. Known as the "Jane of All Trades", I cover the specifics. Planning, coordination and logistics has become my forte at work and subsequently with events.


Aside from logistics, I have a passion for event design. I absolutely love crafting a event concept that is cohesive and customized beginning to end. I’ve helped plan and execute designs for weddings, intimate gatherings and elaborate holiday parties. It is my absolute favorite aspect of events.

The most important feature of an event is the inclusion of a person’s story. A unique journey that led to the intertwining of two souls, to the creation of lifelong friendships or to the achievement of life’s greatest milestones. Designing events allows me to help make sure the story is told.

I also know a journey is not traveled alone. I believe an event should not only convey who my clientele are but also the importance of those who helped shape them. That every guest senses just how important his or her presence is for my client as well. Simply put, my creative side allows me to design an event that show others how much they are valued, extraordinary and loved. 

behind the curtain

From a personality standpoint, I am outgoing introvert who is the "go-to" girl for any and all things. This trait equips me to be present when I need to be present and perfectly content working behind the scenes. I often say, I love managing the stage of life. Designing the props and being ready behind the curtain to serve in whatever capacity is my preferred role. When the curtain closes, the bow is given and the result is a standing ovation for the lead, I know I’ve done my job perfectly. Not only did the leading role shine in his or her light, the audience could not have been better entertained.

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

Psalm 37:23

As I mentioned before, a story is not crafted alone. I am a blessed Christian, a wife to a remarkable husband, a proud mother to a miniature dachshund (Franklin) and I am embraced by amazing friends and family all of which are my everything in this walk of life.